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What: 9nd Annual New York City Anarchist Art Festival
When: Friday, April 17 (11pm – 2am); at Judson Memorial Church
Where: Judson Memorial Church. 239 Thompson St, New York, 10012
Fee: Pay what you can

The 9th NYC Anarchist Art Festival, in conjunction with the 9th NYC Anarchist Book Fair hosted by The Judson Memorial Church, will be held on Friday, April 17, 11pm–2am, at Judson Memorial Church, in Manhattan. The NYC Anarchist Book Fair will happen on April 18, 11am to 7pm at the same location.

The 9th Annual New York City Anarchist Art Festival celebrates the anarchist spirit of collective creation and offers immersive participatory experiences with the audience. Anarko Art Lab is a collective of new-media, visual artists, performers, musicians and dancers. It brings to NYC live, collaborative, multi-media provocative art experiences, vital performances, films and installations. Participating artists from around the world will explore and exchange a full range of anarchist activities and radical innovations. The 9th Annual New York City Anarchist Art Festival and Anarko Art Lab promote and celebrate the diversity of the anarchist community by representing artists from the following groups: Women, ethnic minorities, queers, gays, lesbians and radical subcultures. The festival kicks off on Friday, dedicating a night to interdisciplinary installation performances by the artists: Brad (Living theater), Kalan and Collective, Cameron Orr, Kristin Gina, Maria Lynch, Angela Freiberger, Alex Villar, Katherine Liberovskaya, Ursula Scherrer, Adriana Varella, Grad Gerbracht, Simone Couto, Raquel Mavecq / Queefcore, Marianna Olinger , Sebastian Carrasco and Mariana Santana (see list with photos below).

For this year’s the concept is: SIX SENSES / 7 SENSES

SIX SENSES / 7 SENSES… =Perception =Physical Phenomenon =Energy =Invisibility =Break through the false demarcations of reality = Why do we feel pain? Why to feel love? =Are we connected? /Or disconnected? =Receptors of memory and the reinvention of memory =Transformation of the object into a feeling subject =Tactful and tactile art=Break of the notion of time/space

SIX SENSES / 7SENSES…Sight+Hearing+Taste+Smell+Touch+Temperature+Pain+Balance
Telepathy+Electrical+Magnetic+Pressure+Intuition+Traveling bodily Signals+Etc

This year THE ANARCHIST ART FESTIVAL will be at Judson Memorial Church on April 17 at 11pm until 2 am

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Brad (living theater)

Alex Villar

Kalan and collective

living theater

Daniela Groza

Katherine Liberovskaya

Ursula Scherrer

Grady Gerbracht and IDEOSYNCHRONIC

Maria Lynch

Raquel Mavecq and Queefcore

Marianna Olinger

Angela Freiberger

simone couto

Kristin Gina

Cameron Orr