2011 Art Festival @ The Living Theater

The 3rd NYC Anarchist Art Festival this year (2011) will, in conjunction with the 5th Annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair, host the ANARKO ART EXPERIMENTAL LABORATORY on SUNDAY April 10, from 1pm to midnight ; 12 HOURS of ART and ANARCHY

What: 3rd New York City Anarchist Art Festival

When: April 8th and 9th – Seven Meditations on Political Sado Masochism at 11pm

April 10th – Anarchist Art Laboratory “Deconstructing Power, Creating New Routes.”

1pm to midnight

Where: The Living Theatre 21 Clinton St., NYC
subway F to Delancey St / Bus M21 – M9

(click poster for 8×11 pdf)

New York City Anarchist Art Festival is devoted to building a new society without the state and without Capitalism through Performances, Music, Installation, Video Art, Dance, Sculpture, and Drawing.

For the past year, Anarko Art Lab has been conducting monthly experimental, interdisciplinary art happenings. We create a CONCEPT and it becomes a LIVE, collaborative, multi-media art experience that is immersive. The Anarko Art Lab has grown into a vibrant community exchanging and experimenting with ideas about art, equality, collectivity and anarchy in action… In an effort to represent a full range of Anarchist art activity we have created a festival with a 12-hour laboratory of Art and Anarchy. We will kick off the festival with a celebration of the anarchist spirit of collective creation. For this year we will work with performances that will transition into a party with live music and lots of other imaginative surprises.

The concept of this year’s festival is,“Deconstructing Power, Creating New Routes.” There will be art projects by 1) Karina Skvirsky, Near East Family, David First, Aimee Norwich, Zilmrah, Ideosynchronic, Noon:30, (((rarefaction))), Valerie Kuehne, Alex Hamburguer, Renato Rezende, Adriana Varella, Clark Clark, Veronica/Shizu, Yuen Thompson, Brinson Renda, Brooklyn Raga Association, James Chris Fields, Denise Carvalho, Livia Mourao, Nilton Maltz, Antonio Serna, The Living Theater, Tommy D, Alana Almondes, Jacqui Kuraj, vizKult, Cason Bolton, Raquel Mason, and others……

If you are an artist and would like to participate or volunteer you are welcome to join us!

Please contact Adriana at

Visit the Anarko Art Lab Website

David First

Karina Aguilera Skvirsky

Near East Family




Valerie Kuehne

Brooklyn Raga Association

Transpiracao parte1 living theater – NY from Adriana Varella on Vimeo

transpiracao parte2 living theater – NY from Adriana Varella on Vimeo

Anarko art lab – Prisoner (Living Theater) from Adriana Varella on Vimeo

anarchist art festival (Living Theater 2010) from Adriana Varella on Vimeo

Nuclei@rtlab from Adriana Varella on Vimeo