2010 Childcare and Children’s Programs

Childcare is offered every year at the NYC Anarchist Book Fair. To help out, please email info[AT]anarchistbookfair[DOT]net.

Children’s programs at the 2010 NYC Anarchist Book Fair:

Saturday 11:30-1:00
Contemporary Artistic Technologies aims to bring the joy of successful contemporary art across America and beyond. Learning to create success begins young, so bring your child for arts and crafts based on our educational guide, The Sophisticated Naive Folk Drawing.

Family Friendly Art Events on Saturday

12:30 Paula of the Brazilian Sisters (performance)
1:30 Synchronic Asymmetry: Non-Hierarchical Cooperative Improvisation (music workshop )
5:30 Reverend Billy (performance)

Sunday, 2:00-3:30
Shaolin Gongfu

For children over 5

Children will learn a series of stretches, drills, punches, kicks and balance exercises taken from traditional Shaolin Gongfu. Please dress appropriately for stretching and sweating – loose clothes, socks, shoes with grip and water are recommended. Please advise the instructor of any injuries or health conditions that might conflict with or limit physical activity.

Lida has trained on and off for 10 years in Shaolin Gongfu, Wushu, and Taichi. She has been a children’s class instructor, an adult basic assistant instructor, and a performance-level disciple at Shaolin Overseas Headquarters (www.shaolin-overseas.org). She studied most formatively under Shifu Guolin, a 34th generation Shaolin monk.