Thank everyone that came out to the Anarchist Bookfair Amazonia Fundraiser!
It was a beautiful night and we could feel the warmth in your hearts, see the smiles on your faces, and the commitment to participate and be present was clear.

Special thanks to artists Darina Eid Harasic , Jadele Mcpherson, Maira Duarte , and Oya Damla, Deo Jorge, Lívia Sá, Gian Spina, Steve Steve V Cossman, Rodrigo Gontijo, Fernanda Carvalho, Chris Rogy, Yasmin Santana, Alex Korolkovas. 

It was truly a night of setting up space for what we need the most right now as humans: empathy, awareness, and deep healing.

THE DONATIONS: all the money from the fundraiser is being directed to the donation. So as a result of this beautiful gathering, we were left with $1000 for donation after covering expenses! More donations will be added to this amount after the Anarchist Art Festival on Friday 09/06, and the Anarchist Film Festival on Saturday 09/07.

Thank You, thank you! In solidarity and anarchy!