Anarchist Film Festival in Honor of Emma Goldman,

The NYC Anarchist Film festival is dedicated to the memory of Emma Goldman this year.


At the end of the book fair, multiple screening zones will be opened up through the space with the center of the space available for people to congregate and converse.   

Each of the screening spaces will be curated by a separate team of anarchist filmmakers to focus on specific topics relevant to the community.  Everything from Life on the Barricades to visions of the alternative society will be presented.































OPEN CALL: Anarchist Film Festival in Honor of Emma Goldman 2017




"Envisioning Alternatives" 


On May 13., at 7pm at Judson Church the NYC Anarchist Book Fair will present, once again, a 5-hour video/film marathon about the world we are living in, and what the altenatives are beginning to look like.  


Send in your video and film submissions of works concerning alternatives to the dominant power structures we are fighting against. Share your work, successes and failures, with the broader @ community. Help spawn conversations and new ideas, expand the diversity of tactics in our struggles.


We are looking for artistic manifestations of what the world we want to build is going to look like. Documentaries on horizontal organizing, mutual aid communities, anti-fascst resistance, and the like.  Imagine a world where refugees are welcome, or better yet, a world without refugees, because there are no borders. We also welcome submissions that showcase new and effective methods of resistance.  


email us at -- and include the information below in your email. 



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The NYC Anarchist Film Festival in honor of Emma Goldman is an interactive community forum where we invite discussion, and strive to realize the potential of resistance movements despite the limitations of the corporate police/surveillance/terror State. Your passion, discussion and creativity welcomed!
Criteria for video submission: Please submit your original video work for a one time screening. We prefer short videos (10 min or less) but will consider videos of any length especially if we can screen it in part if we don't have time to screen the entire film. Filmmakers are encouraged to attend film festival and present their videos.
Do not miss this unique and exciting opportunity to be part of an enlightening, lively, radical and creative social experience.
---Video tech support, web help, and volunteers NEEDED & APPRECIATED!